angel of the gates to happiness

Hiding in these shadows of the clouds close to a place
called enternal paradise feeling so scared yet safe because within these shadows I’m keeping these demons away and letting my power of light shine in it’s sight blinding it of finding it’s way to the place granted for the righteous and humble for this is there final resting place.

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I am Manuscript

I strongly believe that just as I have decided not to wear my veil as an African-American Franciscan Sister, these Muslim or converted women can wear their burga or niqab. There has been much debate about the banning of the face veils in France on wither women wear it because they feel obligated too and it is a sign of enslavement or that the government is legislating how a women can dress which is against human rights as written in the first amendment. Just as I wear traditional African clothing and still praising my Lord in my own way by singing and dancing as a Franciscan Sister, these women should be able to express their self like I do. The government doesn’t make laws on anything that anyone believes but for respect and safety issues.

People are often judged not by the inside but by their outer appearance. I want to be judged by the way I am not by what people see on the outside. Just because these women are wearing face veils doesn’t mean that they are terrorists or making their self disappear. They are simply trying to express their religion but it seems as though people are making an immense fuss over it. There are only about 1,900 women that wear these veils and France is making a big deal over it. Women have even said if it’s for identification reasons they have no problem showing their face they understand when they go into a bank or get a photo taken for their license they have to reveal their face and they have no problem with that.

Why do they worry about women hiding their self and feeling less? But then they don’t see how much these women are dedicated to it and not forced into wearing the burga or niqab. I am perfectly happy with the way God made me .I am the granddaughter of slaves, born in Yazoo City, Mississippi on December 29, 1937. I was a Methodist (A member of an evangelical Protestant church founded on the principles of John and Charles Wesley in England in the early 18th century)   until I turned nine because I asked my parents if I could become a Catholic. The following year my parents enrolled me at Holy Child Jesus School staffed by the Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration. The life and work of the sisters impressed me so much that, at 15, I joined them by entering Rose Convent, LaCrosse, Wisconsin. There I was given the name Thea.  I encouraged you the people to communicate with one another so that everyone can come to an understanding of each other’s cultural backgrounds and races, so that everyone can learn about different beliefs and respect them just as you would want others to do to with your beliefs.

This is wrong because for the simple fact that it’s like taking someone’s religion away from them. Would you like it if someone told you that you couldn’t pray? It’s as simple as that. I am catholic and know if someone were to tell me I couldn’t do something that was part of my religion I would be pretty upset and try to do anything in my power to change that. Everyone should be able to practice their beliefs and praise God or whatever they may believe in because that is a part of them, a part that no one should or has the power to take away no matter what. Martyrs are great examples of this because they would even go as far as dying for what they believe in and I am sure these women feel the same because they don’t care if the law is saying they can’t do this, even if that means these women will be fined. They have no shame in who they are and what they believe in, if they did they wouldn’t be walking around dressed the way they do.

Vast Tracts in Paraguay Forest Being Replaced by Ranches

FILADELFIA, Paraguay — The Chaco thorn forest, a domain with 118-degree temperatures so forbidding that Paraguayans call it their “green hell,” covers an expanse about the size of Poland. Hunter-gatherers still live in its vast mazes of quebracho trees.But while the Chaco forest has remained hostile to most human endeavors for centuries, and jaguars, maned wolves and swarms of biting insects still inhabit its thickets, the region’s defiance may finally be coming to an end. Huge tracts of the Chaco are being razed in a scramble into one of South America’s most remote corners by cattle ranchers from Brazil, Paraguay’s giant neighbor, and German-speaking Mennonites, descendants of colonists who arrived here nearly a century ago and work as farmers and ranchers.

Some of these people are becoming unable to keep following their traditional ways because their land is being taken away from them by deforestation. They say if this situation keeps occurring nearly all of the Chaco’s forests could be destroyed within 30 years. If this were to happening in my community I would try to start a petition to end deforestation because the more we get rid of forests the less oxygen and animals we have in this world. Oxygen is important because we need it to breathe and if we keep getting rid of it the population will decrease. Animals will start to die because their environment is being taken away from them.

Mr. Chiquenoi and others in Chaidi have spoken of Totobiegosode relatives who remain in the forest and continue to live in the traditional ways, making them possibly the last uncontacted tribe in South America outside the Amazon. Their numbers are estimated to be around 20 or more. Some researchers speculate whether they are actually uncontacted or merely hidden, as they live amid the vast cattle ranches created around them.



Justice needed for the youth !!!

The slaying of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, a Florida high school student who was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, a self-appointed neighborhood watch captain, has captured national attention. Petitions calling for justice for Martin have exploded, amid allegations of racism and calls for more scrutiny into how local police  handled the investigation.George Zimmerman has yet to be charged in the case.I believe this is outrageous because this kid was only 17 years old around my age that could have been my cousin or a close friend and I would like to think of this primary situation as that. If anything like this would ever to happen a person close in my life I would fight for justice.

On March 9th Trayvon Martin’s family demands that police release the 911 tapes or make an arrest nearly one month after Martin was killed. Police declined to comment at the time, but told ABC News the tapes would be released the following week.

March 19: A 16-year-old girl tells Benjamin Crump, the Martin family’s attorney, about the last moments of Martin’s life, ABC News is there exclusively. Martin was on the phone with her when George Zimmerman began following him. She recounted that she told Martin to run, then she heard some pushing, then the line went dead.The U.S. Justice Department announces it has launched an investigation into Martin’s slaying.ABC News also learns that Zimmerman violated major principles of the Neighborhood Watch manual, which states, “it should be emphasized to members that they do not possess police powers, and they shall not carry weapons or pursue vehicles.” The state attorney in Seminole County, Fla., announces that a grand jury will review the evidence of the case on April 10.

If what this 16-year-old girl is saying is true then they should have arrested George Zimmerman right there and then because why would she hear pushing through the phone and then it just gets cut, when all that time Zimmerman was following him even though the dispatcher on the phone told him not too.This case has took to long to be brought to justice, all the evidence is there. All we need is confessing that Zimmerman did in-fact kill Trayvon Martin.

Uncovering the Sadness of Young Deaths

                    As frigid temperatures have took the lives of children in Afghan refugee camps, Rod Nordland and Andrea Bruce have followed the story closely. At first, there was only the word of camp residents and officials to tell about these deaths, but the anguish that could produce such deaths were apparent in virtually every aspect. With the government even denying that children were dying from cold, however, it became important to persuade camp leaders to summon a photographer as soon as the next one died; there is never enough time, since children are typically buried within hours of death by Afghan Islamic custom.

KABUL, Afghanistan — The war refugee Sayid Mohammad lost his last son on Wednesday, 3-month-old Khan, who became the 24th child to die of exposure camps here in the past month.

“After we had dinner he was crying all night of the cold,” Mr. Mohammad said. The family had no wood and was husbanding a small portion of paper and plastic that his daughter had scavenged that day. He said the boy had seemed healthy and was breast-feeding normally, though the family’s dinner consisted only of tea and bread. But he kept crying. “Finally we started a fire, but it wasn’t enough,” Mr. Mohammad said. By 1 a.m. the boy was stiff and lifeless, he said.

This is a bitter tragic that we could change if we started some type of association to help these children in need. Even if we start out small and send blankets out or start some type foundation. We can make a dramatic change and start out as God did like a mustard seed and flourish this support throughout these current frigid areas were these vulnerable children are living.


My creditable source: “New York Times”

Slum Dwellers Are Defying Brazil’s Grand Design for Olympics

The  2016 Olympic Games to be held in Brazil,officials celebrated plans for a futuristic “Olympic Park,” replete with a waterside park and athlete villages, promoting it as “a new piece of the city.” There was just one problem standing in the way, the 4,000 people who already live in that part of Rio de Janeiro, in a decades-old squatter settlement that the city wants to tear down. Refusing to go quietly and taking their fight to the courts and the streets, they have been a thorn in the side of the government for months.    

Forty-four Year old Cenira is a marathon runner and a resident of 4,000 residents that is facing an eviction notice but she doesn’t want to leave her town and says she will be diappointed if that’s the outcome.  Her town has been one out of several that is marked for removal.

There has been 9 billion dollars of infrastructure projects around the city. In 2014 the World Cup soccer tournament and the 2016 Olympics on Brazilian soil is an immense expression of the nation’s elevation on the world stage, and the events are great symbols of its newfound economic progress and international standing.

Some people have accepted newly built housing or cash compensation, others have decided to stay even though Jorge Bittar a Municipal Secretary of Housing has told them look your going to leave here involuntary because I’m going to make you an offer that is much better. I believe that some people don’t want to move because they have some type of connection with the land because they grew up around there, it’s like when the archdiocese of philadelphia where having schools closed the only thing our schools could do was try to keep enrollment up,hope for the best, and pray. 

This has made students of the archdiocesan community aware of how hard we should work to keep our schools up in enrollment and faith. Situations that occur in life aren’t always fair but most things in life aren’t fair and I have learned that over the years but it makes us stronger and we acquire that we can’t change certain things in our life and sometimes they happen for the best or even change us into a better person or gives us a new perspective on things.

I am Media Literate

There was a news report on 6 abc about a 9 year old, 3rd grader in Alabama, she ate chocolate and she wasn’t suppose to but that doesn’t give her elders the right or reason to make her run until she was so dehydrated that she died. There was much evidence of this situation because they had investgated and had medical specialist explain the causes for that minor’s dyhydration and death.

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